Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival

In 2024, the Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival (BSSSFFF) will take place on Sunday evening at 7:00pm. We will thrill festival attendees with independently produced short films from around the region and across the globe. BSSSFFF features live action and animated films in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the best independent filmmakers this side of the Crab Nebula.

Awards will be given in both the Live Action and Animation category based upon audience preferences. Some of the history of this film festival can be found on the BSFS website.

Submission of Films for 2024​

 Application to the film festival opened on 1 November 2023.  Films are due by March 31, 2024 digitally by cloud storage, by flash drive or DVD by postal mail.

You will need to fill out this permission form and include it with your submission (PDF).

We are now accepting submissions via and via Your entry must be submitted by 10 April 2024.

For further information contact the film director at

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