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Convention attendees viewing artwork hung on panels

The Balticon Art Show showcases two- and three-dimensional art across the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. For Balticon 58, enjoy our stunning display of paintings, prints, sculptures, and unique jewelry. Bid on pieces via silent auction and make a Quicksale purchase (or two).

For artists on Facebook, you may join the Balticon Art Show Facebook group to communicate directly with the Art Show Director and other artists before, during, and after the convention.

Art Show Registration is now open! Please read the Art Show Rules before registering. Please create a new account, even if you have participated in the Art Show before.

If you are mailing in your art, please make sure that you create your account as a mail-in artist. 

At this time, the Balticon Art Show will not accept art with AI-generated content of any kind.

No food, drink, or bulky bags are allowed in the Art Show. There will be a bag check.

Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed in the Art Show.

Friday5 – 7 pm
 8 – 9 pm (reception)
Saturday10 am – 8 pm
Sunday10 am – 1 pm
 2 pm – 5 pm (Sales)
Monday10 am – 2 pm (Special Exhibit)

BIDDING = BUYING. By filling out a bid sheet you agree to pay the amount listed on the bid sheet, on Sunday afternoon after the auction.

Your badge number will be your bidder number.

Quicksale: Members may purchase art at the listed Quicksale price provided it does not have any bids on it. Quicksale purchases must be paid for immediately, however, artwork must remain on display until 6 pm, Saturday. Please ask an Art Show volunteer for assistance when making a Quicksale purchase. Do not touch or remove artwork from its display.

Auction: Bidding is through auction. Place a written bid on artwork starting at the listed minimum bid (or higher). Bidding is open until 1pm Sunday. Any art that receives three or more bids automatically goes to our Sunday voice auction at 2pm. Pieces that receive fewer than three bids are sold to the highest bid on the bid sheet, and can be paid for and collected after 3pm Sunday.

To Register:

  1. Read the Art Show Rules.
  2. Create a new account using the Artist Portal*
    • If you are a first time artist, please include in your Artist Portal account a URL** where we can preview your art.
    • If you are a returning artist, you will be able to update your personal information.
  3. Register for the Art Show and make your payment online.
  4. Once your registration has been accepted, fill out your control sheet.


  • Online registration will be accepted until the show is full
  • We do not accept registrations via email.
  • Receipts for account creation and registration payment will be sent via email.***
  • Contact the art show director if you want to pay by check.

Send mail-in art to this address:

7820B Wormans Mill Rd #154
Frederick, MD 21701

* The Artist Portal is our online site for artists and vendors to register for the Art Show. It will be active after March 1st. Through it, you can manage your personal information, make payment for your registration, and input your art information for control sheets and bid sheets.

** If you do not have a website, Etsy site, etc., you can send photos of your art to While the Balticon Art Show is not juried, a preview is helpful to verify that your art is in the genre, and aids in placement in the show.

*** Please check your spam filters if you do not receive an emailed receipt.

Website and BSFan listing:

If you would like us to print a link to your website or contact information and/or up to 10 lines (i.e., 200 words, 1100 characters) of biographical information on our website or BSFan souvenir book, please provide that information by writing to webmaster and BSFan with ARTIST BIO in the subject line. If you have questions or need help, please email us at artshow. The deadline for BSFan is April 15, 2024.

Mail-in art:

If you are not attending Balticon, you may mail in your art. Please create your account in the Artist Portal as a Mail-In Artist. The system will automatically filter the specific information and fees for mail-in artists. 

The handling fee will be $8.
Mail-in art is limited to a total of 4 Spaces (Table or Panel). You may combine Art Show and Print Shop Panel Spaces.

Make sure your art is postmarked no later than Friday, May 17, 2024, to allow for shipping delays. We will be unable to pick up art at our postal box location after Wednesday, May 22.

Artist check-in and check-out:

The Art Show opens to the public at 5pm on Friday, and runs til 5pm Sunday. Artist check-in begins at noon on Friday. Please bring, or have your agent bring, your art to be set up beginning at noon. Artist check-out begins at 3pm on Sunday. Please have your art packed and ready to check out between 3 and 5pm on Sunday.

Facebook Group:

Communicate directly with the Art Show Director and other artists before, during, and after the convention through the Balticon Art Show Facebook group.

Please email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. See you at Balticon!

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